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Straightforward Support for Rayan

Seven-year-old Rayan is dependant on regular rehab stays. The Fred Tschanz Foundation is supporting him on his way.

Rayan was born with multiple impairments. Thanks to the dedication of his family and various therapies, he is making great progress. The Fred Tschanz Foundation allows him to participate in additional support services.

Back at Zurich airport, Zeynep Kalfa and Rayan are welcomed by their family. The seven-year-old boy in the children's wheelchair looks tired but happy, as does his mother. In order to support Rayan beyond the regular therapy hours, she spends two intensive weeks per year with him in a therapy facility. The family from Kloten had a particularly good experience with a therapy center in Slovakia that specializes in neuro-rehabilitation. At the facility, everything is geared toward children. Despite the intensive daily program, Rayan feels visibly at ease there and is making incredible progress. Since his last stay, Rayan has been able to sit independently for the first time – for a child with his limitations not a matter of course. 

A persistent hurdle race for the whole family

When Rayan was four months old, it became apparent that the baby with the bright blue eyes was not developing normally. A specialist in pediatric neurology diagnosed a complex brain malformation affecting his entire musculoskeletal system, as well as severe hearing loss. It soon became clear that Rayan would be dependent on intensive care, therapies and support for the rest of his life. Although Switzerland has a solid disability and health insurance system, the support services are strictly regulated. Further or alternative therapies and additional aids often have to be organized and financed by the patient himself. "We realized that the support measures we wanted for Rayan were far beyond our budget," says his father Drazen Lukacek. "We asked around for support offers in the Zurich region and came across the Fred Tschanz Foundation – a stroke of luck." 

Active in charity work for 25 years

Stefano Gagliardi is responsible for the administrative processing of the requests for support that arrive at the Fred Tschanz Foundation. "Our official procedures are short. This enables us to offer help in a low-threshold and uncomplicated way," explains Stefano. "For the past two years, we have been able to support Rayan with contributions to his therapies and are pleased to hear the positive updates from his family." The Fred Tschanz Foundation, which supports disadvantaged and physically or mentally impaired children and young people in the canton of Zurich, was established in 1997. In addition to private donations, a fixed portion of the sales of all Fred Tschanz businesses flows into the charitable foundation.

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